Reporting In, All Hitched Up

Oh! Hello! This happened!


So here is exactly what you have been waiting for, if what you have been waiting for is a blog post from us. I suppose it could be construed as overdue. We have been pretty busy, though, getting used to our wedding rings and falling into the patterns of everyday everything.

(Our rings, in the little book holder I made for them.)

We were going to go camping for a few days after the wedding, but the weather didn’t cooperate. Instead we stayed in Montgomery, enjoying the city for a couple of days before coming back to the Birmingham area to swap rental cars and stay for a night at Ross Bridge.

You may not know that I was in a car accident the week before we were married. I am fine, but our car, it was not so fine. Here is a photo of the damage:
We are still waiting for it to be repaired, and we’ve been stuck with a huge SUV since we got back to Birmingham. Michael is not amused.

We spent a lot of time in the hotel pool. I cannot swim very well, or at all, really, since I am not sure “not drowning” counts as “swimming.” But! Michael spent some time teaching me. It seemed like a pretty good way to start our marriage. My new knowledge and confidence ought to come in handy at the beach next week, too.

For the past few days Michael and I have been enjoying a quiet life in the suburbs. At least, we have mostly been enjoying it. Michael has been in the office a lot, I miss Atlanta–especially since we were just in the city last weekend to pack my single-girl apartment into storage–and I’ve yet to figure out the science of getting the trash collectors to, you know, collect our trash.

Still, we are together, and that is excellent. We’ve been continually and pleasantly surprised by marriage and all it entails. We have also been continually blessed a supported by your love and good wishes–but those are no surprise.

Oh, we received our certificate of marriage! It came in the mail a few days ago.
No more need to worry about the blue ink, Emily!


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2 thoughts on “Reporting In, All Hitched Up

  1. Tee says:

    Okay, slightly insane of me, I know, but I teared up at the picture of the marriage certificate! Ach, it seems more real now than ever, even though I was there to witness it all! Love you both!

  2. Lauren says:

    LOL – the judge’s name is Fuhrmeister.

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