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If you happen to follow the 1552 Book of Common Prayer, then you know that July 6 marks the beginning of the Dog Days of Summer. If you’re a 1559 kind of person, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow. (I won’t love you any less.) If you’re a KJV person, take heart! You, too, can consider this day as the beginning of the hottest days of summer.

1611 Authorised Version lectionary image shamelessly screencapped from here (turn to page 21).

Actually, we’ve been pretty lucky with the heat so far. Last week was hellish, but it’s only supposed to get up to 96 in Helena today, and next week we’ll have highs in the 80s. Not too shabby! Pretty perfect for DIY projects, actually.

Lately we’ve turned the sour gray storm cloud of our rental car situation (yes, we’re still in a rental, and no, we’ve no idea when our little car will return to us) into silver-lined lemonade by shoving dilapidated castoffs into the cargo area of the terrible pickup truck we’re driving and bringing them home with us. They look nice nestled beside all the other projects we have going on. I mean, you can’t just bring home one project. It has to have friends to run around with.

We went to J&J’s Junk last weekend looking for a desk, and lo, a desk we found. In my refurbishing fervor, I forgot to take a photo of the thing “before” we’d done work to it. I haven’t done anything to the pulls except to take them off, though, so here’s a picture of those.


Does it give you a “before” kind of vibe? I do hope so. The desk is a mishmash of fairly decent wood, particle board, and plastic. It was about four shades of yellowing-white, with gold accents painted into the crevices of the drawers and legs. The insides of the drawers were just wood-grain of different varieties. Michael had about a half gallon of gray paint left over from remodeling the half bath downstairs (still unfinished, but more about that in a moment), so we decided to go with that.

For a little while we toyed with the idea of painting the desk yellow, so we bought a color sample jar at Ace. The color was…well, I know it was Benjamin Moore, and I am pretty sure it was Golden Nugget. No, I didn’t save the sticker or the jar. But none of the other color names sound right. Anyway, I decided the yellow might make a nice accent color, so we painted the insides of two drawers with the sample jar.

Pretty right? Surprise! Cheerful! We might get another jar and paint the insides of the other two.

While I was playing with the gray paint, I also started painting Michael’s old chest of drawers. (When I was small, I thought it was Chester Drawers.) I didn’t take a before photo of that, either. Alas. It was dark-stained wood, kind of heavy- and foreboding-feeling. Now, it’s like this!


We both like it a lot better. Now we just need excellent pulls for all the drawers and contact paper (or fabric, I guess) for the insides of the dresser drawers, and we’ll have two fabulous pieces of furniture all finished and ready to go into our new place.

This weekend we plan to finish the half bath renovation. We need to grout the tile, put in base molding and quarter-rounds, fit the new sink into its space, and install fixtures. I’m also going to clean up this beauty:


We found it on the side of the road this morning. Isn’t it excellent? We picked up another castoff door about a month ago, in Atlanta (and in a different rental car). That one’s in storage right now, and I can’t really do much until I have them both together. What should we do with them? The one in storage doesn’t have windows, just two inset panels. We thought about making that one into a table, but now that we have two…well, there are certainly more possibilities. I’ve been looking around for hacks and whatnot, and I found this excellent page of ideas. We welcome your suggestions!

I might also make some chalkboards soon. We have chalkboard paint left over from the wedding, and I want a message center for our new kitchen. (But I don’t think I want to dedicate a door to that purpose…do I?)

Love and paint splatters,


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