In which I go on about a box.


In just under two weeks we’ll move for the third time this summer. We’ve been packing boxes. We’ve also been unpacking boxes, which seems counterintuitive, and sorting their contents into other boxes. Some will stay in the attic. Some will go to the charity store. Some will go with us.

I haven’t yet decided where this box will go, but I know a lot about where it’s been.

CR Industries is a mystery I haven’t bothered to Google, but at some point this box was Michael’s sister’s. Melissa used it to move to and from college a couple of times, it seems. Her excellent box label–” Boys, Boys, Boys, and Friends!”–makes Michael laugh. Once she married and had new silverware (and only one boy to keep photos of), Melissa packed her college forks and spoons into the box and saved it for Michael, who took them to college in turn. When we retrieved the box from his mother’s attic a few weeks ago, it was full of random things from his dorm. Today, I packed my wedding bouquet and a few other paper flowers into the box and taped it shut.

Maybe it’s all the dust and pictures floating around, but we’ve been feeling nostalgic. It’s an interesting set of emotions. I’ve felt untethered, at sea, etc., but here is this box with a past. And it will have a future, too.

Soon we’ll be in our new place–the first place we can really call ours rather than his or hers, yours or mine–and we’ll unpack all the boxes again. Everything will have it’s place. And I’ll make sure to save this box for next time.


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