a million reasons


This is the first one I found. I don’t remember what day it was, but it was January or February, and I had just gotten back to my empty apartment. I had known it would be empty–Michael had been visiting, but he’d left that morning–so I called my mother on my way home. I was still talking to her when I noticed a little square of yellow out of place. This little square of yellow. I read it, smiled, and told my mom that Michael had left me a note. We kept talking for a few minutes.

Then I found this one.

And this one.


As I kept walking around my apartment, I found more. On the door…

…my bookshelves…

…in the hall closet…

…on the bathroom mirror…

…on the crafting basket his mom gave me for Christmas…

…and pretty much everywhere else.








Some notes were sweet. Some were teasing (Michael hates Cheerwine). All of them made me smile. And cry. I hung up with my mom–“He’s a good one,” she said. “I KNOWWWWWWW,” I calmly replied–and called Michael. He made fun of me for crying.

Such is our way.

I took photos of the Post-its because I knew they’d fall off of things, and I would forget what they said. But I didn’t take any of them down until I moved out of that apartment earlier this summer. Since then, I’ve been surprised and pleased to find them, at intervals, around Michael’s place. I find them more regularly now that we’re packing here. Apparently, I missed at least one.


So yeah, moving sucks. I complain about it and procrastinate. But it’s also kind of nice to find things like this, to remember when your arms are achey that you are loved and better things are coming. Better things are already here, all around you. There are a million reasons we are where we are right now. It’s nice to hold one of them in your hands.

Sorry some of these are sideways, by the way. I’m posting from my phone.


One thought on “a million reasons

  1. Cathy Alford says:

    This has been incredibly touching to read your journaling and look at the pictures as you prepare for the big day. The wedding simply Fun Filled with lots of love and laughter without the stress and stuffiness. So awesome! The picture frame was a creative move! Love how you created your paper floral arrangements and they will be such a lasting memory to always cherish. You captured the simple joys of true love and have richly blessed others by sharing them with everyone! Glad I saw your mom today and could take a look at your special day and the many blessing God has in store for you on your journey as man and wife!

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