every blessing



October is our favorite month.  The weather is crisp, we’ve settled into the routine of the academic year, and holiday goods begin to populate store shelves.  We get to wear sweaters, and sweaters are love.  Even better, we get to celebrate Hallowe’en.  I’ve always loved Hallowe’en–Michael has, too–but Hallowe’en 2009 gave us much, much more to love.  Michael’s niece, Ella, was born that day.  That evening, Michael asked if he could kiss me.  I said yes.

We’ve been together for almost three years now.  Sometimes we think, if our relationship were a person, it would be Ella.  And what an amazing person!  Little Ella is so charming and awesome and beautiful it’s almost too much.  We won’t be able to make it to her birthday party this month–or her sister Caroline’s, either–and we’re sad about it.  But we’re looking forward to seeing them soon, and we think about them all the time. 

As I write this, Michael is playing fetch with the cat and looking through house listings his mom sent to him.  I can hear crickets chirping outside, and the house smells amazing.  We had mushroom soup for dinner, and tiny pies (I’m not sure what to call them–I’m perfecting the recipe) are cooling on the kitchen counter for dessert.  I should probably be grading papers, or reading yet another book for exams, but I thought I’d take a second to think about what really matters to me, to us, right now.  It’s Sunday, after all.  I’ve been a little down lately, a little worn, but it’s going to be fine.  No matter what happens with school or our jobs, we have each other.  We have warmth and love and care.  And sweaters.  We have October.  

We also have this family hymn.  One day, Ella will know the words by heart.  Our relationship already does.


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