you get what you need

Another reason to love October?  It’s unpredictable.

When last I wrote, Michael and I were feeling sorry for ourselves about missing his nieces’ birthdays.  This time last week, though, we were surrounded with pink decorations, loud and happy children, Hello Kitty everything, and the blissfully overwhelming feeling that family can bring.  So, we made it to Caroline’s party after all.  We’ll still miss Ella’s, but we got to play and run and read stories and just hang out with them both, and that is precious.  We also got to see them ride their bikes.  New bikes!  Ella hasn’t quite gotten the hang of forward motion, but Caroline flew around the track at their park.

The park was gorgeous, of course, colorful fall leaves and a big, nearly stormy sky at sunset.  This season is all about change.  That makes a lot of people nervous–it makes me nervous, too.  I’m always trying to plan the things I can’t or shouldn’t–to make them easier, to give myself the sense of control.  (Even Ella does this.  “When I am three,” she says, “I will use the potty.”  Not a moment before!)  But the opportunities change brings, the surprises and the challenges, the unknowns, are something else.  We learn.  We experience and adjust.  It’s pretty spectacular.

We actually made the trip to Tennessee because of one of these big changes.  Michael’s mom, Judy, is moving there soon.  She asked us to come look at houses with her.  Once we had, she readied herself to make an offer, but the realtor found problems with the property.  Surprise!  It’s a long story, but now, brave Judy will be building a house from scratch.  None of us would have predicted that on Friday, but she signed papers on Sunday afternoon.  And here she is on Monday morning.


We’re proud and excited for her and all the changes and challenges she’ll face in the next few months.

This morning Michael made an excellent, simple brunch–with the best coffee ever–and we gave ourselves the luxury of eating it in bed.  This week has been difficult, the little luxuries absolutely necessary.  I’ve got portfolios to grade, and he’s got work to finish before a busy week of interviews and travel, but today still holds more luxury.  We’ve got pumpkins to carve and a neighborhood trail to explore.  Still more October.


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