hot date

Yesterday evening Michael picked me up from work and whisked me away…



…to vote!  And to dinner, actually, but voting was the important part.  Georgia has early voting, and Michael will be out of town on Election Day, so last night was our best opportunity to do our civic duty.  We stood in line for about an hour, the longest either of us has ever waited to vote.  We’d have waited longer, though.  I’d never used an electronic voting machine before, so that was exciting.  Plus, Georgia gives the best stickers. 

Michael and I have been talking a lot about the election lately–just like everyone else, I suppose.  He let me watch the debates even though they make him crazy.  He listens to me rant in the car sometimes.  Sometimes we imagine the worst and worry together.  But we also make jokes.  We encourage each other daily.  It’s a privilege to vote already, but voting together?  That was special.  It’s a perk of being married I didn’t expect.  Even as we wait nervously for the outcome of this election, I’m looking forward to the next one.

Even if your stickers aren’t as nice as ours, if you haven’t early voted, make sure to vote on November 6.  

Photo from here.


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