we’ve been surrounded

we've been surrounded

It’s been almost three months since we’ve posted in this journal of our lives together, but this photo is a fairly accurate recap. The work/life balance in the Pierce household skewed heavily toward work–the cruelest see-saw partner ever–and we’ve barely had time to love on our sweet kitten and call our mothers, let alone post here. And the post would have read something like this: still reading, still typing, still working. Michael said to me once, “I’m glad we got married so that we can watch each other work.” And that’s how it’s been.

Now, though, we’ve swept ourselves away from the hustle and bustle of our lives in Atlanta for a much deserved vacation. We’re in North Carolina at the Balsam Mountain Inn, a hotel perfect for us in that it has no phones, no television, and only a fairly slow internet connection. Michael is sleeping under a bedspread covered with flowers, and here I am, trying to rescue some of our last months from the piles of papers and books that have surrounded us.

The excellent news: Michael has been promoted to Senior HR Investigator, a position he very much deserves.

The excellent news: I passed my comprehensive exams, and so, I’m only one step away from the elusive three-letter title of ABD.

This weekend, though?  We get away.  We reconnect.  We definitely do not watch each other work.

I couldn’t have done any of this without Michael. He’s been amazingly supportive. And so, this morning, I let him sleep in. Later we’ll go exploring, and with any luck, we won’t think about work at all.

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One thought on “we’ve been surrounded

  1. mom says:

    great! You both deserve a break! I know how hard you study! I love you. Have fun on your weekend away!!!!!!!!!!

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