summer summer summertime

summer summer summertime

It’s officially summertime now, the solstice having passed, but we started our season a little early. This time last week we were beginning a short vacation in Fort Morgan, Alabama. We had excellent weather, delicious food, and even better company in Michael’s best friend Rachel and her family. The beaches were quiet and gorgeous–except for surprise air shows from the Blue Angels–and though we had to leave a little earlier than we’d planned, we had enough fun for several vacations. We even managed to escape without much sunburn.

Since we’ve been home we’ve been doing little things around the house, and I plan to share some of them with you here along with the gift tutorials I’ve been promising. I find lists help me to get things done, so here’s my “to blog” list.

two anniversary gift how-to guides
–card book
–perpetual calendar
michael’s french toast recipes
–peanut butter & banana (a la Highland Bakery)
an office/guest room tour
my ongoing homemade laundry detergent experiments

What else might you like to hear about?

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