boring bedroom

Today I’ve got the rearranging, de-cluttering bug.  It’s an itch, really.  A compulsion.

I’ve just rearranged one corner of our bedroom.  I’ve got my eye on the linen closet now, but I’m frustrated with the outcome of what I’ve done in the bedroom.  So here I sit, thinking about it with my fingers.  I’d post before and after photos, but I didn’t take a “before,” and the “after” is dissatisfying.  Really, I’m unhappy with the way our bedroom is set up altogether.  Here’s what I’m working with.

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 1.41.30 PM

Two doors (to the hall and to the closet, left to right), two windows (the black lines in the walls), and two air conditioning vents (the small brown boxes here) take up a lot of my (wall)space to play around.  I’ve put in our largest furniture to give you a better sense of the space we have.  Our queen bed just fits into the corner between the two windows.  (Though the way I’ve drawn this model makes it seem as though it could jut from the center of the northern wall, there wouldn’t be enough room to walk around the foot of the bed.)   The long, skinny table beside the bed was a hall table in its former life, but it fits the space like a glove serves us rather well as a nightstand and storage center.  The large piece opposite the bed is a chifferobe, and the light brown piece between the doors is a low set of bookshelves.  We keep a small hamper beside the shelves, and it only blocks a tiny portion of the air intake vent.

As you can see, most of the room is set, furniture wise.  We haven’t been able to choose a bed or headboard we like, and we haven’t hung anything much on the walls, but it’s all right.  That top left corner, though, gives me absolute fits.

Until today, I had a large vintage foot locker and some flat storage boxes under the window at the foot of the bed.  There was a vintage suitcase on top of that.  In the corner was a white rocking chair no one ever sits in.  (And our Dyson?!)  That was okay, aesthetically, but the foot locker and boxes blocked a good bit of the output from the air conditioning vent.  This morning I rearranged the boxes and moved the foot locker to the wall beside the chifferobe.  Now the rocking chair sits before them, and nothing blocks the air vent.  But I’m not thrilled with how it looks.  It doesn’t seem as cozy or intentional.

Anyway.  I am mostly thinking aloud.  I’ll wait and see what Michael thinks when he gets home from work.  If I end up putting it all back (which seems likely), I’ll post photos then.  I want our bedroom to be peaceful, comfortable, and uncluttered.


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