Scotch Egbert Jones-Pierce turned five this week!  To celebrate, we’ve given him lots of treats.  We also bought him new prey toys.


seven weeks old!


five years old!

We’ve been really pleased with Hyendry wands and teasers.  Scotch pulled and bit his way through the first wand and feather toys we bought, so Michael and I chose new ones.  Pictured above is the “byrd of paradise” teaser.  It twirls and dips like a real bird might, I suppose, so Scotch definitely likes this one best (though he still caries his baby toy around from time to time).  We also got another “Hyflyer,” much like the “byrd,” and a “tequila sunrise” puffy teaser.  The folks at Hyendry were kind enough to send us a free puffy teaser, too.  With two new wands and shipping, all of that came to about $35.

As Michael often says, only the best for our kitty-son.

We do love him an obscene amount, it’s true.  Happy birthday, Scotch!


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