saturday down south

Bellee, here.  (As usual.)  Today’s my birthday!  Even better, today’s Game Day.

For me, too, it all began in 2009.

I went to graduate school at the University of Alabama.  I wasn’t a fan of the Tide when I got there.  Actually, I found football Saturdays annoying.  What are all these tents doing on the Quad?  Where did all these cars come from?  What do you MEAN the library closes early on Saturdays?!  But football snuck into my bloodstream slowly.  When my friend Josh found out I’d never gone to a game, he was aghast.  This is where we go to church on Saturdays, he said to me once, as we drove past Bryant-Denny.  Josh and the rest of the UAEnglish crew sat with me at my first game (versus Tennessee!  Mount Cody!), and I fell in love with Alabama Football then, that day, during the few minutes this video shows.

Just a few days before I started falling in love with Michael, actually.

Now that I’ve left Tuscaloosa, football keeps me tied to the place and the people I love.  Michael sweetly endures me screaming at the television, and he even learned the fight song for me last year.  Michael and I are in Tennessee this weekend to visit family and attend our new nephew’s baptism, but this afternoon (in half an hour! in an hour and a half! [o, time zones, you fool me once again]) I will be watching the Alabama game.  Maybe that’s surprising to you.  It’s a little bit surprising to me, sometimes.  But that’s what Saturdays are for.

So ROLL TIDE to you!  And happy birthday to me.

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