Reddit Gifts for the Teachers

Michael and I will be going school supply shopping in a bit, but not for us.  And not for our nieces, either.  We’ll be shopping for our teacher matchups in the 2013 Reddit Gifts for the Teachers.


Consider this post a plea, from us to you, to sign up and send supplies to a teacher.  As you can see above, the number of teachers who have signed up to receive supplies for their classrooms has outpaced the number who have signed up to gift them.  (And that number has more than tripled since last year!)

Here’s a rundown of this year’s supply drive from Reddit.

The giver signup deadline is September 13, 2013.

As a college instructor, I rarely need to buy supplies for my students.  My students are adults, writing classes don’t require too many supplies, and I’ve taught on relatively affluent campuses.  Yet I often hear my colleagues wondering what our students are learning in high school, or how elementary and secondary teachers spend their time.  My guess is that at least part of this valuable time is spent working around poor funding and worrying about their under-supplied students.  Students learn how to do without…or they don’t learn.  Every year, elementary and secondary teachers (including Michael’s mom, before she retired) buy supplies for themselves and their students out of their own pockets.  They buy pencils, erasers, notebooks, tape, staples, scissors, crayons, math blocks, books, hand sanitizer, pens, clay, folders, dry-erase markers, paper, and on and on.  Teachers in the poorest districts sometimes buy snacks for children who would otherwise be hungry.

This makes us super sad.  This makes us want to help.

Reddit Gifts is doing what it can to take some of the pressure off these teachers and put some positivity into the classrooms that need it most, but they can’t do it without us.  And you!

So, sign up.  Maybe even sign up for more than one classroom.

You can see how last year went (and the difference a few supplies can make) here.


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