you remind me of the babe

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 9.31.31 PMOh, man.  Last week was a doozy.

Michael worked nearly a hundred hours, and I managed to (a) spend most of my time stressing about imaginary problems and (b) pull something in my neck while folding laundry.  Yes, while folding laundry.

Though we easily could have worked our weekend away, barely speaking and still not finished with our respective tasks, we allowed ourselves a weekend off instead.  Much needed.  And much appreciated.

During the course of our lazy Saturday night, I found out Michael had never seen Labyrinth.  I was aghast, needless to say, and took immediate action despite the late hour.   Thank goodness for Amazon Prime, is all.  I’m not sure how Michael managed to get this far in life without the wonder and amazement that is David Bowie in this movie, but now that’s all fixed.

Even better, now we have yet another shared highly quotable pop cultural reference.


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