october bits and pieces

I can’t believe October’s nearly over.  Can you?

·  In nine days, Michael and I will have been together for four years.  That’s a college degree!  A presidential term!  People always say things about how time is crazy, how it moves too quickly but also too slowly, how four years can seem like forever or disappear in a blink, but they always gab on and on about it because it’s the truth.  I’m amazed how long it’s been.  We’re so blessed to have so much forever left to spend together.

·  The weather’s cooling off down south.  We’ve had the windows open, but since Friday it’s been too much to run the whole-house fan.  We’re thankful for autumnal temperatures, sweaters, good blankets, and hot coffee.  A chirpy bird has made a home for itself in our front yard.  Maybe in the neighbor’s.  A couple weeks ago, when the geese were flying about, Scotch was quite amused.

·  Michael bought himself a smoker grill.  So far our results have been mixed, and he’s not altogether happy, but the pork butt he made was really delicious.  We had a nice day watching smoke billow through the trees in our back yard, too.

·  We are absolutely terrible about sending back Netflix discs.  Are you, too?  Do you even get them?  A yoga disc and…something else…have been sitting on our dresser-cum-entertainment center for weeks.  We keep thinking we ought to stop paying for DVD service, but then there’s something we want to see that’s not available otherwise.  Still, we’ve gone at least two months with these same DVDs.  That’s not okay.

·  I’m not sure I mentioned this here, but I’ve been working at the Emory Writing Center this year.  I’m tutoring, doing some daily admin work and scheduling, and I’m running the social media accounts.  I tweet for them (and about writing in general) over here, if you’re interested.

What have you all been up to?  I’d love to hear from you, if you read this.  Sometimes I wonder who does.


2 thoughts on “october bits and pieces

  1. Maureen says:

    Bellee, I just read this! You asked and I answered! Right now my free time is engrossed in making wedding-related spreadsheets and it is awesome.

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