doesn’t bring me comfort, actually

I’ve spent most day wrestling with our comforter.  (I’ve also, therefore, had this song in my head.)

It’s the Damask Stripe Comforter from Bed Bath and Beyond.  Michael and I registered for it when we got married.  We didn’t get it as a present, which meant we were totally thrilled to find it on clearance at the Alabaster, Alabama store.  It was marked half off because of “stains,” but I looked all over that thing in the store, and there wasn’t a spot to be found.  We had a 20% off coupon and lots of wealth tied up in gift cards.  It was perfect.

You can see its former glory here, nestled under coats and a cat during a party last winter.


Former glory?  When we pulled it out for this cold season, we took it to the dry cleaner.  Dry Clean Only, after all.  When we got it back, it was a strange, lumpy and sack-like version of its former self.  This was weeks ago, of course.  But I finally had enough of pulling and fluffing and arranging the comforter every evening, so today I got out my trusty seam ripper to see what was the matter.

It would seem about 15 square feet of extra batting was the matter.

Once I had the edge of the batting lined up with two sides of the comforter–pinning as I went along, with the intention of French knotting the batting into place –I ran into a huge wad of batting in the third corner.  I couldn’t figure out what I or it was doing through the little slit I’d made in the seam, so I ripped along the entire bottom edge of the comforter.  Once I spread the comforter on the living room floor, the batting stuck out of the ripped bottom seam by more than a foot.  Along the side I hadn’t yet pinned, there was almost another full foot of extra batting.  It hadn’t thinned noticeably, or unevenly.  I have no idea what happened or how.  I decided the best thing to do was to cut the extra batting away and sew the batting into the seam I’d just taken out.  This I did, with only a modicum of trouble and cussing at my sewing machine, and I think the comforter will be serviceable–and comfortable–once more.

I’m so perplexed as to how or why this happened, though.  Did the dry cleaner mess something up?  Did the outside cover shrink?  Did the batting grow?  Was our comforter defective in the first place?  I even called BB&B’s service number, but the woman I spoke with (a) seemed less than pleased to talk to me about a comforter I bought over a year ago and (b) said no one else has lodged a similar complaint/inquiry.  Anyhow.

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