little happy things

Michael’s out of town for work and I’m a little down.  It’s cold, and there’s a lot to do that I don’t particularly feel like doing.  So I thought I would cheer myself up a bit by posting a list of five small, everyday things (yes, things) that make me happy.
(I am not affiliated with any of the makers of these products, just so you know.)

1.  Hedgehog Dryer Buddies from Kikkerland


We bought these because our laundry took forever to dry.  They’re way cuter than tennis balls.  They work, too, and they make me glad.  (I can’t find one of them right now, but still.)

2.  Post-it® Pockets from 3M


I just discovered these last week, but already I adore them.  My planner doesn’t have any pockets, and these help me keep up with slips of paper and reminders a lot better than I did before.  They have velcro closures!

3.  Dots by Betaworks One


I’ve broken up with CandyCrush and switched to Dots.  It’s so simple and beautiful.  It makes me feel smart.  I like the noises, too.  BeeeboobeeBOOP!

4.  Precise V5 in black, from Pilot


These are the best pens ever.  I got hooked on them when I was an MFA student and they were fairly freely available to us from the supply closet.  They write such a clean line, and I love them, and you cannot take them away from me.

5.  Nylon Adjustable Classic Fashion Cat Collar in Bright Green from Petco


This is the collar our cat wears.  It’s a fine collar, with a safety release and all.  It comes in a two-pack.  Green looks nice on Scotch.  What I really love is the little bell, though.  I like hearing it from outside our door, when Scotch realizes we’re home and comes running to the front door, jangling.

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