Love is a Mix Tape

The slow shift from summertime to the school year has me feeling a little nostalgic.  I’ve had a little more time in the car than usual, so I’ve been listening to these mixes–the first we ever exchanged.  I suppose nothing is really more nostalgic than mix tapes.  I love these little time capsules so much.  We were fresh and falling, eager to know each other better.  I didn’t realize before I typed up the tracks that Michael beat me to the mix punch.  Now, though, I can remember listening to it before and while I made the mix for him.  It was such a sweet time, and I’m glad we can visit it again through these songs we chose.  You can visit too, if you click on the embedded playlists.  A few of the songs are too esoteric for YouTube, or the version’s not quite right, but you’ll get the gist.

A Mix from Michael
November 14, 2009

Mark Mothersbaugh–111 Archer Avenue
Band of Horses–The First Song
The Cardigans–Great Divide
Muse–Space Dementia
Obadiah Parker–Hey Ya
Camera Obscura–French Navy
The White Stripes–The Denial Twist
M.I.A.–Paper Planes
Noir Désir–Le Vent Nous Portera
Pinback–Seville (demo)
The Stanley Brothers–Angel Band
Mendelson and Guaraldi–Christmas Time Is Here
Nina Simone–Black Is the Color of My True Love’s Hair
The White Stripes–Hotel Yorba
Will Garrison–Unknown Title*
Super Furry Animals–Juxtaposed With U
They Might Be Giants–Doctor Worm
Radiohead–Nude (vocals only)

*Michael knew Will Garrison in college, but doesn’t know the title of this song.

A Mix for Michael
November 21, 2009

The Pains of Being Pure At Heart–Come Saturday
Hum–Little Dipper
Port O’Brien–Stuck On a Boat
The Mercury Program–Highways Like Veins
Weezer–Fall Together
The Cure–High
The Mountain Goats–Thank You Mario, But Our Princess Is in Another Castle
The Brunettes–Dearest
Wilco–Pick Up the Change
Fruitbats–When U Love Somebody
The Sincerity Guild–Leslye’s New Hairdo
Smashing Pumpkins–Perfect
Copeland–You Have My Attention
Rufus Wainwright–My Phone’s On Vibrate For You
Elliott Smith–No Name #3
**hidden track**
Clare and the Reasons–Can Your Car Do That?  (I Don’t Think So)



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