When last I posted here, all about mixes Michael and I made for one another, I meant to come back in a couple of days and announce our best mixtape yet. That is, I meant to announce that we were expecting a baby, due in January.


But pregnancy got the best of me, and I never said so here. If you know us well, you likely learned our news via Facebook or a phone call. And, if you know us well, you likely know that our son, Henry, was born on January 10.


Now our baby has a name of his very own, and we don’t have to call him Mixtape anymore…but we still do sometimes.  And now he’s a month and three days old!  He’s a wonder, and we love him even more than imagined we would.  Or could.  We’ve been overwhelmed by new-babyness and the kindness of our families, church, coworkers, and friends.  Time means almost nothing, thanks to sleeplessness, but we’re spending all the time we have loving our little guy and getting to know what our family is like now that we are three.

To make up for a bit of lost time, I’ve gone back and switched two posts I wrote just after we found out about Henry from private to public.  Read those if you like.  And stay tuned.  I can’t promise we’ll find lots of time to post here–we’ve never been great about making this a chronicle of our lives–but we’ll certainly have a lot to say when we do.


One thought on “Henry!

  1. Brenda says:

    He’s beautiful! So happy for you all!

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