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We spent our Valentine’s Day traveling to Elberton, Georgia to renew our wedding vows.  Our friend Emily, the pastor who married us, moved to Elberton and Eliam UMC a while ago, and we hadn’t yet made the drive to visit her.  When we saw that she had planned drop-in vow renewals, we decided we’d take the opportunity to surprise her, practice our road-tripping-with-baby skills, and do something romantic.  Em was indeed surprised, the baby only really cried twice (in a trip with over four hours drive time!), and we enjoyed remembering our wedding and restating our vows with Henry there to hear all about it.  It was nice to do something relatively unexpected, similar to what we would have done before the baby came.


One thought on “Renewal

  1. Laura McCarty says:

    congratulations on renewing your vows. Very sweet

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