stuck in my head (day 7)

Guess what I have stuck in my head. 

This is probably one of the top five things Michael and I say to each other. Sometimes we’re simply amazed at the bizarre things our brains catch note of. Usually, the one who’s saying it is blaming the other for the present ear worm. Today I was responsible for getting the theme from The Grinch stuck in Michael’s head. I borrowed the tune to the baby about being grumpy. About half an hour later, while we were running errands, Michael said what we say. I had to find the actual song on YouTube to help him let the song run its course. 

We share ear worms like we share everything else, the good with the bad, the weird and the quotidian.  When I am too much in my head, he sings another tune to pull me out. Or he joins me, singing harmony. I’m thankful for Michael every day, but especially today. We’re both sick, both exhausted. But he’s right here with me, humming along, making sure we stay in tune. 

The photo for this entry is from our family portrait session by Devin Nutter Photography. To see more from the session, visit Devin’s webpage.  

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