two more weeks

Waving with Daddy

Henry had a follow up with Dr. S this morning. It appears that his tibia is healing well, but there isn’t as much bone growth between the calcaneus (heel bone) and the tibia as Dr. S would like to see. So, Henry will have his candy cane cast for at least two more weeks. We go back on January 20, at which point it will come off (unless X-rays say otherwise) and we’ll know more about how his incisions are doing. We have instructions to set up an appointment with the prosthetist for late January or early February. 

Meanwhile, life goes on. Henry’s first birthday is this weekend, and we’re getting ready for a little party with family and friends. We’re thinking about where to get his first hair cut. I’ve rescheduled his one-year checkup for after the cast comes off, but everything else moves right along. As things do. 



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