How do I get to the venues?
Please click here for detailed directions to Huntingdon College.  Click here for directions from Huntingdon to Alley Station. 

What time should I arrive?
The ceremony will begin promptly at one o’clock.  Try to be seated between 12:30 and 12:45.  

What should/could I do between the ceremony and the reception?
After the ceremony and the part where you throw things at us, we’ll be taking photos and spending a few private moments together.  Feel free to take a walk around Huntingdon’s campus–which should be absolutely beautiful in May–or explore Old Cloverdale before heading to Alley Station for the reception.  You might also want to make a quick stop at one of the landmarks downtown.  We’ve provided a partial list here.

When is the RSVP deadline?
We’d like to hear from you as soon as you’ve made your plans.  There is no firm deadline, but please try to RSVP by May 10.  If you can’t say for sure by then, please let us know.

I’m coming from out of town.  Where should I stay?
Most of our guests will be coming from out of town.  So will we!  We’re having an afternoon wedding, so those of you who are planning to drive just a few hours could drive in that morning and back in the evening.  If you want to stay in town, Montgomery offers a range of accommodations.  We’ll be staying here, and we’ve secured a discount for those of you who might like to do the same.  If prices seem steep in Montgomery, you might check hotels in Prattville, Alabama, a smaller town just a short drive from downtown Montgomery.

Where should I park?  Will I have to pay for parking?
At Huntingdon, park in the Smith or Narrow Lane lots.  They are marked as 20P and 15P on this map.  Parking at Huntingdon College is free for visitors.  Street parking will be available for the reception, and we are working on other options.  Please check this space for updates!  (If you stay at the Renaissance Hotel, we recommend you leave your car in their parking deck, for which you will already have paid.)

What should I wear?  Is there a dress code?  Are there any colors guests should avoid?
It’s an afternoon wedding in Alabama, and late May can be extremely warm.  What would you like to wear?  Wear that, probably.  Maybe you have a pretty sundress, or you’ve been dying to wear a vintage frock that seems perfect for a tea party.  Wear that!  Maybe you’re a pants person.  If so, wear pants!  Perhaps you’ve been looking for a good excuse to wear seersucker and a bow tie (we’re looking at you, Josh Tucker).  That’s fine.  We love you!  We want you to be comfortable and feel awesome.

Does your wedding have a theme?
Not really.  We’d like to think it’s an expression of us, our relationship, and our interests, but there’s no definite theme.  There’s a bookish retro vibe, perhaps?  But no theme. 

Can I bring a date/my partner?
Maybe.  There’s a good chance that we’ve already included this option with your invitation, especially if we know your partner.  If you really want to bring someone and we didn’t extend the option, give one of us a call and we’ll chat.  

What about the children?!
If we’ve invited you, we’ve also invited your children.  If you want to double check, please contact us!  But seriously, we love you, and that means we love your kids.  They’re more than welcome.  (Of course, you’re absolutely free to take an adults’ weekend away if you’d rather.)

Will there be childcare available?
There will be no nursery or other separate area for children during either the wedding or the reception.  We’ll provide crayons and little activity books to help keep younger kids busy during the ceremony, and there will be a few little activities for them at the reception, but they’ll require your watchful eye.  

Are the ceremony and reception locations wheelchair accessible?
Yes.  The accessible entrance at Huntingdon is located at the rear of the building on the western side.  It’s pictured here

Will food be served?  What kind?
We’ll have cake and other refreshments–what Michael’s family calls “heavy horses”–at the reception.  If you’d like to make brunch or dinner plans, start with these suggestions

I have dietary restrictions.  Should I smuggle crackers/tofu/Splenda in my bag?
We think our reception will be fairly navigable no matter what your dietary needs might be.  There will be low-sugar and vegetarian options, for sure.  If you think we might be missing something, drop us a line (or feel free to smuggle whatever you like).

Will there be dancing?  What else can I expect?
We’ll have a first dance, and we’ll play music suitable for dancing, and there will be a dance floor.  To paraphrase Men Without Hats, you can dance if you want to.  You can also contribute music to the reception!  Contact us for details.  We’ll also have a receiving line, a bouquet toss, and all that jazz.  

Can I take pictures?
You most certainly may!  But only before and after the actual wedding ceremony and at the reception.  We don’t want to see much of this.  We do understand that you might like to snap ceremony photos for yourself, but we’d like to have you present with us, in the moment, during the worship service.  We’ll make our photos available to you as soon as possible.  We hope you’ll share your photos with us and our other guests, too, by uploading them to this album.  (We’ll need your email address for this, but that comes later!)

Is there a gifts registry?
Yes.  You can find information here

What if I’d like to donate my services (cooking, organizing, general excellence)?
We’d love to talk with you!  Call or contact us here

I have another question.
Great!  Ask us whatever you like.  If we think others might share your curiosity, we’ll update the FAQ.