the gang of awesome

the engine that keeps us moving

This page could be titled “The Wedding Party,” but the people we rely on most for support, encouragement, and advice extend far beyond our attendants.  Here are just a few of those people.  (We hope you know that you’re included, too.)

Lauren Lashley · Matron of Honor
During their first week at Huntingdon College, Lauren and Bellee found themselves stranded in a parking lot.  Lauren’s alternator had gone out.  Bellee had a Huntingdon magnet and change for the pay phone, so after a while, they managed to get back to campus.  A few days later, Lauren gave Bellee a chocolate bar and a copy of the Weekly World News for her eighteenth birthday.  Nothing seals a firm and lasting friendship like car trouble and the tabloids.

Leslye Stewart · Bridesmaid
As C.S. Lewis says, two friends are always glad to welcome a third.  Bellee and Lauren met Leslye when she came to Huntingdon for junior year, and she brings out the best in them both.  Professors began to call the three of them The Triumvirate.  To this day they’re not sure who is Marc Antony and who Octavian, but they have a good time thinking about it.  Bellee couldn’t be prouder to have Lauren and Leslye standing with her, on her wedding day, in the place where they all met.

Caroline & Ella Webb · Flower Girls
These sweet girls are Michael’s nieces, ages three and two respectively.  Actually, Ella was born on the day we started dating, so she and her big sister have been a source of joy in our relationship from the start.  We’re thrilled to have them as our flower girls!  They are pretty thrilled about their fancy dresses, too.  (Thanks for making them, Grandmama Judy!)

Rachel Chappell · Best Man Lady
Michael and Rachel met one another at Freshman Orientation at Huntingdon College.  Both immediately recognized that the other was equally unimpressed with the activities.  So began a friendship based in a mutual love of making fun of other people.  They remained constant companions throughout college despite Michael’s refusal to bathe and were able to teach one another a great deal about the world.  For instance, Rachel taught Michael that cows do, in fact, have tails.  Michael taught Rachel how to use a debit card and that it is possible to write a paper about a book you’ve never read.

John Chappell · Groomsman
Michael met John Chappell through–you guessed it–Rachel.  John and Michael have established their relationship on a mutual interest in BMWs and talking about Rachel’s eccentricities.  John and Rachel’s love bloomed and they were married in 2006.  Michael, of course, was a groomsman.  Rachel and John are expecting recently welcomed their first child.  Here’s to the newest member of the Gang of Awesome, Lydia Gail!  

Emily Case · Officiant
Just a few hours after the engagement was official, Bellee called Emily to share the news and ask her a question:  bridesmaid or officiant?   Emily is a graduate of the Candler School of Theology at Emory University and Associate Pastor at Kennesaw United Methodist Church.  She is a strong woman, a phenomenal preacher, and a close friend.  We’re thrilled that she will marry us.

Linde Lashley · Photographer
Our photographer is also our matron of honor’s older sister.  Linde is a thoughtful and talented woman, and those good traits show in her beautiful photos.

Penny Weldon · Wedding Coordinating Master of All Wedding Tasks and General Awesome Lady
Anyone who knows Penny Weldon would agree that she is possibly the most generous woman alive.  Immediately after our engagement, Mrs. Weldon reached out to us with a simple question: How can I help?  We wound up asking her to do quite a bit, and we couldn’t be more grateful for her assistance.

We couldn’t possibly end a list like this without mentioning our families, especially Judy Pierce, Keith and Laura Jones, Nydia Powell, Luke and Miney Wright, Emmett and Melissa Webb, and Glenn Jones.  You mean the world to us.  Words are not enough to thank you for all you are and give.

We’d also like to thank Jane Williams and Dr. James Conely at Huntingdon College, Jenny Smith and Tracy Williford at Alley Station, Caroline Schwenz, and Cecilia Lashley.