wedding photos

We’ve finally managed to upload some of our favorite wedding photos!  Click here to view our album.  Please feel free to save photos or order prints.  (If you’d like higher quality files for printing particular photos, let us know!)  A multitude of thanks to our excellent photographer, Linde Lashley, for capturing so many moments in our day.

we're married!

One of the best decisions we made about our reception was to let our guests take their own pictures.  Our DIY photo booth was a hilarious, excellent success.  We hope you’ll enjoy looking through the pictures as much as we have!  Click here to access the album.

If you took photos at our wedding or reception, we’d love to see them!  Send us an email, and we’ll give you instructions for uploading and sharing them with our other guests in the Guest Photo Album.  (If you’d rather not upload them yourself, just tell us where the photos are already, and we’ll upload them for you.)  Click here to view the photos our guests have already shared.