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something someone gave you

I don’t wear my engagement ring too often these days.  Henry is a twiddler, and if he’s not playing with my ring, it’s snagging his clothes or leaving indentions in my finger while he’s nursing.  Not great for mom duties.  I’m always a little afraid I’ll damage it.  I wore it yesterday, though, and I’m wearing it again today while Henry’s at school.  It’s nice to wear something impractical, something from another time.  It reminds me why we got into this whole parenting thing in the first place.

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we have a good time

Michael has taken a liking to Bitstrips recently.
Here’s a cartoony representation of our last few evenings.

1382985_10151796220557880_54721286_n 1382958_10151798277132880_535735473_n 564123_10100185732383009_1529037661_n
Can you guess which of us made which one?  (No fair checking Facebook first.)

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